Who I Am!

Hey there!

It’s me, Kat, I wanted to tell you a little about me. After all, why would you follow someone you know nothing about?
I was born in Canada, but I have travelled most of my life. My mother stayed home with me, and my father spent his hours in the office dealing with business. It allowed me to see the world even if it was only for short periods, and with that, it helped me decide where I want to be.
I had a lot of interests growing up, but my love was art. I spent my hours either doodling on paper or painting and when I wasn’t doing that, I would work on poetry. I learned to through my words onto paper as if it were a canvas I was painting. It became my true love over the years and still is.
I spent some time over in Europe, where I learned to appreciate art for what it truly is, an expression of love and hate throughout the world. With so many views, how can one not fall in love with the different aspects of the world?
Every day there is new art available, and every day it is like a dream come true, falling in love with another’s work. The passion behind their eyes and their willingness to share it with us.


Published by lifeofagypsydreamer

A Gypsy dreamer, traveler and lover of life. Lost in the shadows of time, reaching for that single breath that could save me. Author, mother and lover of art.

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