Good Morning, It’s Thursday :)

Good morning everyone

I just wanted to say hello and wish you all a wonderful day.

Do you ever have days where your blog isn’t seen?

I do; it’s weird; my hashtags show up when I am posting it, but when I look the next day, most of them are missing.

Has it happened to you? 

I post daily for you all, so please know I am here whether you see me or not and That I wish you a beautiful day.

The internet is such a fantastic thing, imagine back when we couldn’t see or talk to others throughout the world. Now we are enriched with their company every day. How wonderful is that?

This world has come such a long way, sometimes I take it for granted. Forgetting that it was only a short period ago, we didn’t have it.

What do you take for granted?

I am grateful for all the little things we are blessed with like soap and shampoo, washer machines etc. where would we be without them?


Just my thoughts. 🙂

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Published by lifeofagypsydreamer

A Gypsy dreamer, traveler and lover of life. Lost in the shadows of time, reaching for that single breath that could save me. Author, mother and lover of art.

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