An Excerpt From One Of My Upcoming Books

Good morning

In some dark way, she loved him. He was sullen and temperamental, but when the lights went out, he was there. She hated it when he drank. Something in him changed, or perhaps the real him came out.  Her mother claimed it was her and that she carried a tortured soul. But she wasn’t the one tearing at another’s flesh, getting drunk off the fumes of their blood. It angered her when he inhaled from anyone but her. Some nights he ate out of anger and held no control. Those were the evenings they fought, and he would stray. He claimed he loved her too much, and his acts of betrayal were out of love. At night when he embraced her, she could see the love in his eyes. He may take their blood, but she stole his heart.

(C) Jupiter Rose


Published by lifeofagypsydreamer

A Gypsy dreamer, traveler and lover of life. Lost in the shadows of time, reaching for that single breath that could save me. Author, mother and lover of art.

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