An Echo Of My Breath

An echo of my breath The sun is shining hard, yet I can’t see the light. Some days it feels as if I’m trapped beneath the dark lair of dirt.

The surface above is thick, and my echo has disappeared over time. I often wonder if Life has moved on without me or if I am the one who left.

I can hear the bell ring shifting along with the winds mood, I gave up ringing that years ago. I think I might be dead, but I don’t really know; it’s as if my soul remains locked in this box.

I can’t see a thing because it’s so damn dark, but it doesn’t stop me from trying. Somedays I can hear the sound of a woman screaming out and other days a child playing.

It’s cold and dense like my voice is, it makes me wonder if they are close by. I wait for the miracle that I pray for every day, the one where they’ll find me and tell me I’m not alone.

Yes, I think I’m dead. It feels so at least, there’s a thick wall around me keeping me hidden. I walk among the living but am never seen, do you see me?

I whisper to you, but you never hear me. Can you hear me?

I run with the wind, but it only drags me to the ground, I think it’s the chains I wear on my ankles. Can you help me take them off or are you too busy?

So, here I am all by myself beneath this dark lair. My heart it aches, my soul, it burns, and I lay here all alone. I may be dead, I may be alive, this we may never know.             

(C) NB Nicholas




Published by lifeofagypsydreamer

A Gypsy dreamer, traveler and lover of life. Lost in the shadows of time, reaching for that single breath that could save me. Author, mother and lover of art.

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