More Of Strangers From the Sky

Just for you! Chapter 2

I put out chapter one and hopefully, you enjoyed it.

This is the introductory book to the series. It isn’t as fast-paced as the rest bt it explains all the who what when where and whys.

I write with multiple genres, so it’s hard to define this book to just one.

Urban fantasy, science fiction, mystery and romance.


Jasper’s from the city where she lives with her best friend and lives life to the fullest. One day she discovered something and it changed her life, a conspiracy in death. Accidents and murders keep occurring, and people are missing. Some think it’s radicalism others suspect terrorism but it’s something more sinister. Strangers from the sky are among us and they claimed the earth as their own. Very few can see them for they are what we call a shifter.

These killers walk the streets and plan to eliminate humankind.

Times get desperate when they are forced to live by the light of the moon. Fighting in a dark word to defend humanity against a threat they’re unaware of.

A group of young people see the threat and investigate it, only to find out it’ssomething that can destroy the world. Since they are the only ones who can see this, it is up to them to save it.

Leading them to discover the strangers within themselves and secrets never told.

Secrets Beyond the Moon



A black streak tore across the suite as Buddy barked. Jasper’s eyes opened to determine what was transpiring. Buddy’s head swung Jasper’s way as he sprinted up the bed and started washing her face. “Good morning to you too, Boy, are you yelling at that cat again?” She snickered to herself, “Is he in here being a brat?” Just then, she realized it was Tuesday morning. Today was the day they were exploring the city, watching for more people with the shifting faces. In some ways it was interesting, but also a little eerie. Maybe they could find some answers today, she hoped. She put on her clothes and placed her hair up in an elastic. Jasper headed to the kitchen to see Isabel, who was always up early.

Isabel was out on the patio with her mug of coffee. Jasper took a coffee and went to join her, “Morning Isabel.” Isabel glanced over and smiled. “Look at this view. You would never know anything was happening in this city. I watched the news this morning, probably shouldn’t have, but I did. They found a couple more bodies this morning in the same place. They killed the victims in unusual ways; however, all of them had white hair and a look of terror on their faces. Don’t you feel there’s something strange about the way these dead bodies are showing up? I mean, they murdered one with a chainsaw and had paint all over his body, his face done up like a clown. The additional two casualties were either drowned or run over by a huge truck. The killer must sit there striving to come up with new ways to kill people. Oh, and get this, they discovered a fellow roaming the streets this morning, they have him in custody. He alleges to have no memory of who he is or where he is from. They have identified four cases this month.” Jasper’s eyes expanded, “Where do you get all your information from? I’m certain they didn’t show all this on the news.” Isabel shook her head, “No. Loretta told me. She’s been examining the corpses all day .”

Jasper’s jaw dropped open. “You mean the city coroner? Isn’t that Jake’s ex-girlfriend?” Isabel picked up her coffee cup and headed to the door. “Yup! That’s who I’m talking about.” Jasper, now wide-eyed, followed Isabel in the house. Does she know what’s going on?” Isabel shook her head. “No, she said they’re connected to each other, and it’s undoubtedly by the same perpetrator.” Jasper sighed as she grasped the dog’s and cat’s food to feed them. Both were doing circles around their dishes, eager to be fed. So, she must be okay with your liking Jake, are you guys an item now?” Isabel grinned, “He asked me to be his girlfriend last night just before we hung up. He told me I’m all he thinks about and that thinking of me gets him through his day. I have never felt more alive, then when I am talking to him.” Jasper grinned, “I knew it. You two are meant for each other, I could sense it all along.” Pouring the kibble into the pet’s dishes, she shifted and peered at her best friend. “Jake’s a decent man, he has been like a brother to me. I’m glad he found you, and I’m ecstatic for you. Isabel smiled, “Thank you. I think he’s the right guy for me, but only time will tell.” Jasper nodded then danced off to get ready for her day.

Just as Jasper was finishing blow-drying her hair, the telephone began ringing. Diving into her bed, she replied,

Jake was on the other end. “Hey, it’s Jake. What are you

Jasper flopped on her back and replied, “I’m getting

ready for our outing later.”
Nearly dropping the receiver, Jake muttered, “All right.

I’m driving, so I’m turning off this phone. I’ll be there shortly.” Jake hung up.

Grabbing an elastic for her hair, Jasper shouted down the hall, “Jake’s on his way! He’ll be here soon!” Jasper grasped her bag and started to load it with the material that she needed for the day. She commenced wondering how many of those peculiar yet eerie people she’d get to see if any.

What if one of those hair raising people were to sit down next to her? Oh, my God! There were so many what-ifs. A little concerned, Jasper went out to find Isabel. She was done getting ready and now at the table, reading a newspaper while waiting for Jake. “Isabel, how are you feeling about today?” Isabel glanced up and muttered, “I’m a little nervous yet excited to see what you guys saw. I took a glimpse at the videos Jake informed me about. They’re so odd. Is this what you guys see?” Jasper looked at her. “Yeah, that’s what we see. It transpires so rapidly you virtually can’t blink.” Placing the newspaper down, Isabel glanced up and uttered, “Keep your phone on today, Jasper; that way, I can text you. We might not want to speak about this in public, especially if it turns out to be something dangerous.” Just then, there was a knock at the door.

Jake sat on the doorstep, waiting for the girls. He knew by just knocking they would know it was him. The sky was unsettled. There was a battle going on among the sun and the clouds. If the clouds win, they could be stuck with an extremely wet day, but there was forever a chance the sun could overthrow the shadows, and the day could turn beautiful. Both girls tumbled out the door. “Hey,” said Isabel. Jake beamed as he observed her approach him. “You look nice. He smiled then headed towards the car. “So, who’s covering where today?” Isabel took in the front seat and put on her seatbelt. “How about someone takes the West Side Mall, and someone watches the square by the courts?” Jake smiled, “All right. I’ll examine the mayor’s department and the neighbouring part of town.” Jasper grinned and declared, “I’ll cover the mall.” Both Isabel and Jake nodded in agreement. Buddy jumped in, claiming the window seat. He loved it when they went for a ride in the car. Buddy had been to the mall numerous times. It was helpful being so small; people never seemed to care if he went shopping with Jasper. She always brought his bag with her, so he had a place to sit while she did her thing.

Jake dropped the girls at their destination, but not before reminding Isabel how thrilled he is that she agreed to be his girlfriend. This made her grin ear to ear; finally, something in her life felt right. Jake grabbed her hand and softly kissed her fingers one by one, then smiled. He watched as she walked off into the crowd then headed to the mayor’s office. He wasn’t sure what excuse he had for hanging around there for any length of time but was sure he could think of one. Finding a spot to park, Jake pulled in and turned the car off. Leaning back, he wondered to himself. What Pandora’s box had they opened? He never imagined he would see the day people

could make their appearance vary. What if reptile people are living among them, and who the hell would believe us?

Jake hopped out of the automobile and continued to the mayor’s building, softly waggling his head. Peering around, he noticed a number of people relaxing on benches sipping espresso and chattering. Nothing strange about that, Jake thought. Strolling over to a nearby booth, he peered at the attendant. “I’ll have a double, double, please.” The fellow quickly made his coffee for him. After paying the dude, Jake hunted for a quiet place to sit, someplace he could observe his surroundings. Thankfully, the sky agreed on sunshine, so the day was turning out to be beautiful. Relishing his coffee, he gaped around, questioning if he could trust his eyes. How many of these people strolling by were who they suggested being? He drew a strong breath and continued to people watch.

Meanwhile, Isabel was relaxing at a little table in the centre of the square. She had picked up a paperback, although it was not her favourite; she didn’t want to get distracted when she needed to be alert. The hostess of the cafe in the square had just served her a delicious hot mug of coffee. It smelled like heaven on this exquisite day. Resting and reflecting, Isabel wasn’t sure how this worked. It’s not like there are rules inscribed for studying humans. She decided she would peek over the threshold of her novel, so she didn’t look rude while simply staring. Numerous people marched throughout the square every day; it was the centrepiece of the municipality. It led to several offices and ordinarily served as a businessman’s break room. Being from this city, she wasn’t a newcomer to the corporate world. She was a second-grade teacher; however, her older sibling Hank operated with the business crowd, being a prosecutor, that is. Isabel recognized some faces as they scurried by in a rush to get back to work. Just then, her receiver beeped. It was Jake texting her.


Jake: “Hey, Isabel, anything yet?”
Isabel: “It’s silent here, how about there?”
Jake: “Yeah, here, too, but it’s been only a brief time.” Isabel: “Yup, going to sit here and absorb the sun. I wish

we were sitting here together, though. It’s always better when you are around.”

Jake: “I agree, wish I was there too. Maybe tonight we can hang out, I don’t want to wait for the weekend.”

Isabel: “all right, talk later.”

Isabel: “Certainly! I can cook for us all and then we can snuggle up and check out a movie?”

Jake: Okay, sounds ideal. Let me know if you see anything.

Jasper stood, glancing at some clothes hanging by the door of a local store. They marked the price tags fifty percent off and had a charming floral pattern on them. She reminded herself that she was not there to shop; she was there to people watch. Moving on, she peered about. Folks were hurrying through the mall in each direction. There were a few times Jasper did a double-take to see if they seemed unusual, but it spun out to be a false alarm. Spotting a place to sit, she placed Buddy on her lap. “What do you think, Boy? Notice anyone who seems o$eat?” Hugging him, she peered around. There was a lady in a suit. She was tall and was leaning against the pillar. She was chatting to a gentleman who was even taller than she was. Jasper knew it wasn’t nice to stare, yet something about them appeared odd. Just then, it appeared, and not only one, but both their faces transformed. Jasper gasped. Not being able to take her eyes off them, she watched. The woman’s face hadn’t changed back yet, her tongue flickered. Quirking her head to the right, her mouth fell open. What the hell did I just see! She mused the notion of opening up her phone but decided against it. Instead, she sent both Jake and Isabel a text:


Guys, I saw what we were watching for… though this time, I noticed more than one.

She placed her phone down, not bothering to check to see if they have text back. She didn’t want to lose track of the couple. They were business folks, just like the man outside the cafe. Jasper seized her phone and held it as if she was staring at it and promptly snapped a shot of the two. She got up and strolled in their direction. Jasper glanced at the woman and questioned, “Pardon me. Are you Melanie House?” The lady looked at her and responded, “No, Sorry.” Jasper stared her right in the eyes and proceeded, “Oh, I’m very sorry. I presumed you were her, my mistake.” Buddy started to growl; it was something he never did before. Drawing him closer, Jasper turned and stepped away. When she looked the lady right in the face, her irises turned to a silverish colour, and the slits of her eyes shifted. It was weird, and Jasper felt she had enough.

Isabel had been sitting long enough, so she got up to stretch her legs. Grabbing her purse and her novel, she started to walk over towards the river. While walking, a young man bumped into her, knocking her book out of her hand. As both of them leaned over to pick it up, she noticed a tattoo on his neck. Isabel remembered seeing it before but from where? Smiling, she took her book from him. “Thank you,” she answered in a soft tone. As she walked away, she started to feel a little dizzy and reached for a nearby tree. Leaning against it, her mind flashed to a situation she didn’t recognize. All she could perceive was a man with that exact tattoo. The guy in the vision appeared different from the one she had bumped into. This one wore a mysterious dark robe,

and there was something strange about him, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. The vision vanished as fast as it came.

Catching her breath, she peered around. Pulling out her phone, she called Jasper. It didn’t take her long to answer.

“Hey? Jasper, it’s Isabel. How are things there?”
Jasper murmured into the phone, “I’ve had enough. I’m ready to go home. Can you and Jake come to get me? If not,

I’m taking the bus!”
Isabel looked around as she whispered back. “I had

enough too. I’ll get a hold of Jake, and we will come to get you. Wait outside by the market entrance.”

After hanging up the phone, Isabel texted Jake:

“Hey! We’ve had enough. Can you get us and take us home? Jasper is by the mall entrance, and I’ll meet you where you dropped me off.”

Jake responded, “All right.”

He wondered if the girls had had a morning like he did, as some relatively unusual stuff had developed. He knew something was going on in the city, but what exactly, he was not sure. As he headed off to get the girls, he thought to himself. I can’t wait to get back to the house. I need to tell them what I saw, but even he had trouble believing it. Driving away, his hands trembled. He shook his head in dismay.

After returning to the house, all three of them plopped down on the living room furniture. They all sat there in silence, as they did while driving home. None of them understood what they witnessed or what it meant. Jake sat next to Isabel, holding her hand while he recalled what he saw. Her skin was soft, and the touch of her hand was comforting. He wanted to tell the girls about his day, but the words wouldn’t leave his mouth. His world suddenly felt as if it was on a rollercoaster. He remained profoundly still for the moment, as he continued to process what he had seen. Isabel reached over and clutched the remote, then switched the television on. “We’ll talk about all of this later. I’m making chicken tonight with a salad to go with it. Do you want to stay, Jake?” Jake lifted his head, “Yes, I’d love to. Sounds yummy!” He smiled as he ran his fingers along the side of her hand. The three of them laid back and stared at the television for a bit, with few words spoken. Isabel got up and went to the kitchen when the commercials began to play. A News broadcast flashed across the screen.

Just coming to me from live downtown, the reporter emphatically stated, two more bodies have been found in front of the police station. The police are requesting witnesses to come forward. If anyone has seen anything, please speak up; they are offering a large reward for any information.

The commercials proceeded, and both Jake and Jasper stared at each other. Jake shook his head. “What is this world coming too! It used to be safe, but now it’s no more o$eat than a game of roulette. Who’s next?” Jasper didn’t want to agree, but she knew he was right. “I don’t know, Jake. All I know is I want to wake up and find out it was merely a nightmare.” Jake nodded in agreement. Moments later, Isabel drifted back to the living room. The three of them sat watching the television for the rest of the afternoon.

When dinnertime came, the residence smells like a dream. Isabel had been cooking since she was a little girl, it was something she found relaxing. Jasper would always say that Isabel could cook a feast with her eyes shut. This would still make Isabel laugh. As she set the table, Isabel announced to the others, “Dinner is ready, Guys. I hope you’re hungry.” Both Jasper and Jake jumped up and rushed to the table. They had to suffer from the aroma of her cooking all afternoon. The three of them sat eating. It was apparent they had a lot on their minds. Jake glanced at both girls and said, “This has been quite a day. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been avoiding this conversation. I couldn’t wait to tell you when I was out, but the more I thought about it, the crazier it sounded. But we certainly need to talk about it.” Jake reached under the table and took Isabel’s hand. “This is delicious.” Isabel smiled, “Thanks. You know,” she continued, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since earlier, and none of this makes sense to me. Down at the square, I sat and sipped on coffee for a bit, enjoying the magnificent sunshine. I was so relaxed, and nothing appeared out of sorts. After an hour or two of just sitting around, I got up and went for a walk. I crashed into a man. Well, he bumped into me, but that’s not the important thing. He had a tattoo on his neck. It looked like some kind of ancient symbol. A few minutes later, I got very dizzy, and some sort of vision occurred. It was strange; I can’t explain it. But the guy I saw during this had a tattoo very similar to the guy I banged into. He was wearing a dark, mysterious robe. He differed from the guy I bumped into, not sure how, but the vision left as rapidly as it came. It honestly bothered me, though, left negative feelings with me all day. As for seeing someone’s appearance change, that didn’t happen. I’ve had visions like that before, but none so unsettling.” Just as he was finishing his last bite, Jake set his fork and knife down. “That sounds peculiar and very unsettling, but I think I have one up on you. I was sitting and having a coffee as usual, and yes, I saw one person’s appearance change, but that’s not what was boggling to me. Seconds later, after I saw them, I turned around, and a fellow in a suit was walking by. He looked identical to me! I mean, he literally looked like me! For a minute or two, it almost seemed like the world around me ceased, like they froze it. I glanced around, thinking perhaps someone was playing a cruel joke. When I looked back, the man had turned into a woman. Talk about unsettling!” Jasper’s mouth was hanging open by now as she spoke and shared what she saw during the day, “I saw two of them at the mall, not as extreme as that, but I took a deep breath then went up to them and spoke. I looked the woman right in the eyes, and for a second, they flickered then switched to silver. They looked almost lizard-like.” The three of them all stared at each other, none of them felt at ease. Isabel got up and started clearing the table. Jasper got up and help.

Reaching back and rubbing his sore neck, Jake looked over at the girls. “This isn’t normal. Something doesn’t feel right about the whole situation. For the first time in my entire life, I don’t feel in control because I don’t know how to deal with this situation.” Isabel knew Jake his whole life, for him to feel this way, it had to be grave. “I’ll make coffee, Jake. Go sit and relax in the living room. We can discuss it more then.” Leaning in, she whispered to Jasper, Isabel added, “Go sit with him. He’s trying to figure out this whole situation, and it just will not happen… not yet.” Jasper nodded and headed to the living room to sit with Jake. Isabel finished tidying the kitchen and put on the coffee. She reminisced about the events of the day. There were so many impossible things happening, forcing them to open their eyes. How could they turn away knowing it could be connected to all the stress occurring in the city? She prepared the coffee and headed to the living room.

Laying the coffee on the table, she sat down next to Jake and sighed, “Guys, you both need to take a deep breath; all of us do. We all agree that something weird is happening to us. Jake, this must be hardest on you. As a psychiatrist, they

taught you, things are a certain way. Well, now you have to look beyond that and go with your gut.” Scowling, Jake sat up and responded, “I know you’re right, but there is nothing natural about this. Who are these people, and why do they change? I’ve heard stories about shapeshifters, but until now, that’s all they have been is stories. We don’t even know if they are threatening or not. Is there a connection with what’s happening in this city, or if this is a coincidence? Jasper, when you hear the voices, is the man in the suit nearby? Have you seen him at all during that time?” Jasper thought about it. “Perhaps, I never really gave it a thought before, but it’s something I’ll pay attention to in the future. I get the term shapeshifter, being able to shift appearances, but by changing their looks, does that make them dangerous?” Jake shook his head, “No, but we only know the rumours about shapeshifters because that’s all the stories told us. What if there is more this? Could they be behind all these slaughters and disappearances in the city? Oh my God, what if!”

“Enough of the what-ifs!” yelled Isabel. “Get a hold of yourself. You need to let go of the doctor part of you, for now, and just be you.” She reached over and took his hand, clasping it tightly. “Today, you believe in anything and everything. Okay?” Jake agreed, “How did you get so wise?” Isabel laughed. Jasper laid her head back on the couch and bit her lip. “So, what do we do now? It’s not like we can pretend we saw nothing and just go on living a normal life. Besides, how long will it be before we show up dead or missing, just like every other victim in this city!” Isabel stared at Jasper. She felt a little worried. After all, this was a girl who loved her city as much as she loved life. Walking over to her, Isabel leaned over and hugged Jasper, “We’ll be just fine. We’re in this together, and we’ll deal with this together.” Looking back at Jake, Isabel said assertively, “I don’t want you being alone tonight. You can stay in the guest room. I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.” Jake nodded. The three of them sat in silence for the longest time, then one by one headed to bed.


Morning came, the day was dark as the thunder roared through the sky. Jasper opened her eyes and listened to the rumbling for a moment before reaching over and petting Buddy. “Hey, Boy, think perhaps we should stay in bed today? Maybe we might just stay here for the rest of our lives?” Buddy jumped up and started licking her face. Leaning forward, he rubbed his face against hers. “I love you too, Boy.” Jasper got up, put on her clothes, and thrust her hair up in an elastic. It was cool in the house this morning, so grab- bing a sweater, she headed to the hall to turn up the heat. Jasper could smell the coffee before she even got to the kitchen. Isabel must be up, she thought. Both she and Jake were sitting at the table. Isabel was reading the paper and drinking coffee while Jake was on the phone, cancelling his appointments for the week. This will be a long day, thought Jasper.

Grabbing a coffee, Jasper walked over to the window. The skies were rough looking. The atmosphere resembled how she felt. She had hoped that when she woke up, the answers would be waiting for her, but she still felt hopeless and empty with no answers. She took out her phone and googled shapeshifter. Not a lot came up, except the ability to shift appearance. How does this help? She thought. I mean we already know they can do that. What am I missing? Her thoughts continued. What if they’re connected to the deaths, and they commit these murders as different people each time?

We would never catch them then. Jasper’s eyes widened as she drank the rest of her coffee. Heading over to Isabel, she asked, “Anything in the paper today?” Isabel glanced up, “Nothing you want to know about.” Taking a deep breath and exhaling aloud, she sat back. “Things have gotten worse out there. Three planes crashed last night. The security checks are not working, so they’ve put a ban on flying. It is not just occurring here; this is happening everywhere. The mayor is holding a meeting today, and from what I hear, he’s thinking about settling a curfew in order. So many individuals are going missing or dying every night. This isn’t natural. All these deaths! This is more serious than what a serial killer would even do. I’m almost to the point of giving up reading the newspaper. Every day is more severe than the day before. I don’t know how yet, but I think this is all connected.” Jasper leaned down next to Isabel’s chair, “I think you’re right. We need to figure out what’s taking place and what we need to do. I have some money saved. I will take some time off from work. It’s challenging to concentrate on things the way they are.” Isabel nodded, “That sounds like a good idea. My job seems to be on hold, anyway. The parents are keeping the children home, not that there is any left. It terrifies them to take their eyes off of them, and I don’t blame them.” Jake placed the phone down on the table and joined the conversation, “I took some time off from work myself. This situation is a priority at the moment. So, you both think it connects this to all the homicides and missing folks?” Both girls nodded. “Well, then we need to figure out what to do next. Isabel giggled to herself, “Welcome back, Jake.”

A few hours had passed, and the day seemed sullen. Relaxing on the couch, Jasper pulled out her sketchbook. She found it relaxing when she sketched. Scanning through it, she noticed that there was an abundance of pictures she had in common with Isabel was adding up. Perhaps she and Isabel were connected through their dreams. Jasper wished she knew what she was drawing during these times; instead, she was just going with the flow. Leaning back against the sofa, Jasper started to draw. She remained on the couch for approximately an hour, sketching and taking her mind off all the stressful details of life.

Meanwhile, Isabel and Jake headed out to the grocery store. Isabel thought with everything going on, it might be wise to stock up for a bit. After all, who knows what’s going to happen? They had agreed that Jake would stay with them for a bit, not only so they were not alone, but they felt safer staying in a group. Neither minded being closer to each other and loved the idea. Loading up the carts, Jake glanced over to Isabel, “I have groceries at my house too. I’ll drop by my house to grab them and some of my personal stuff once we leave here.” After picking up a large bag of dog food, Isabel’s eyes scanned the cat food section. “Yeah, that sounds good. I like the idea of you staying over, makes me feel safe, plus we get to see more of each other. Perhaps we can check online tonight and see if there have been any other sightings. So, make sure you take your laptop.” Jake seized the bag of dog food from her hands and put it in the cart. “He reached over and brushed the hair off her face, “That sounds like a place to start.”

It took a few hours, but they eventually completed their responsibilities and headed back to the house.

The groceries remained on the kitchen floor as Isabel stood in the kitchen, inserting everything in its place. She knew they would overcrowd it, but it was better to have too much than to be without when in need. There had to be others who had seen this stuff, she thought to herself. We can’t be the only ones.

In the living room, Jasper was resting on the couch, chat- ting on the phone. Faith had called, wondering why she had not seen the girls. Their smiling faces lit up the café, especially on grey cloudy days. “The cafe is empty today,” said Faith. “I might just close it. Do you want any company?” Jasper loved it when she came to visit. She was pleasant and entertaining but then considered everything going on. It just wasn’t a good day. “Perhaps not today,” she replied. “I’ll call you later this week, and then we’ll get together.” She hung up the phone and placed it on the table next to her and went to the kitchen.

“Isabel, did you guys grab more coffee while you were out?” Spotting it on the counter, Isabel added, “Oops! Never mind. I see it.” “Where’s Jake?” Jasper asked inquisitively. Isabel turned and looked at Jasper. “He’s putting his stuff away. I’ve asked him to stay with us for a bit. I figured it would be safer for all of us. Oh, and I came up with the idea of doing a search on the internet. Now we can see if there’s anything out there is related to what we’ve seen. Perhaps someone else has some information.”

While peering out the window, Jasper noticed that a considerable amount of neighbours were away. Some have been found dead, but others were just missing. The neighbourhood felt empty without them. “Do you think it will ever get back to normal around here?” she questioned.

Jake sauntered out into the living room, carrying his laptop. All he could think about was surfing the internet to see if anyone had more information about the shapeshifters. There has to be someone who has seen something. We can’t be the only ones in the entire world, could we? He thought to himself. Jake opened his browser; he paused for a moment before typing in shape-shifting. What would someone think if they saw me googling this? He laughed as he pressed enter. A large selection of sites appeared in front of him. Some sites advertised mattresses that shift to fit your shape; others were weight loss sites. There were two, though, that sounded different from the rest. One was a forum with the topic shapeshifters, and the other was a book written by RH Henry called Shifters Among Us. He went to the forum first, thinking maybe he would find others who had seen stuff. The panel had tons of areas to look in, but one stuck out. It read, has anybody else seen them? Clicking on it, Jake examined the contents of the post:

Everywhere I look, they’re there. I think they are shapeshi!ers. Not that I’m sure of what that actually is, but whatever they are, they are everywhere.

Jake called for the girls, “You won’t believe what I found!” Both of them came running into the living room. Jasper leaned over to see what Jake was looking at. “What did you find?” she asked curiously. He turned his laptop so both girls could see what he was looking at. This person has seen them too. There are a few people on here that have. Clicking on reply, he typed in, we’ve seen them as well. Do you know anything about them? We are in Richmond, BC. Where are you? Pressing enter, he looked back at the girls.

“Perhaps we can get an answer to what’s happening. It might take a bit for an answer.” Jake switched over to the site with the book. It was an e-book about shapeshifters, and what one man had seen. Jake filled out the information required and downloaded the manuscript. He figured he could sit and read this while waiting for an answer on the forum. He put his feet up on the table and leaned back then motioned for Isabel to come to sit with him. Both sat snuggled close, waiting eagerly to find out if this man knew more than they did, and if so, what. Isabel smiled while lying against his shoulder, daydreaming.

Jake spent the rest of the afternoon reading while the girls went about the house doing their own thing. He wished that things were normal and that he was out to dinner or even to the movies with Isabel instead of discussing a possible threat to their lives. Nothing seemed fair about this, why wasn’t this all over the news? Surely someone higher up had noticed this. Jake let out a deep sigh and continued reading.

While sitting at the table with a cup of coffee, the girls sorted through Jasper’s sketches. They were trying to figure out which ones were connected to what was happening or if any were related to Isabel’s vision. Buddy was lying at their feet, stretched out, with not a care in the world. So far, there were a few she recognized from her dreams, but the one that stood out the most was a symbol. It was small, the shape of the moon and the sun together. It had jewels on both sides and a feather. This was the same symbol the man in the square had on his neck and in the vision she had. Isabel held the picture in her hand as she stared at it. “It’s identical, Jasper. Somehow, you and I are connected to each other. You draw my dreams. Even more, it’s attached to whatever I saw in the vision. Do you think it’s related to the shapeshifters?” Jasper knew how concerned Isabel was; however, she was always the strong one in all situations. “Our connection is good. Maybe we’re psychically linked,” she grinned. Isabel smiled too. Jasper reached over and took the sketch from Isabel. “Whatever this symbol is, I’m sure we’ll figure this out. I have no idea if it’s associated with the shapeshifters, but it’s kind of odd you had that vision while all this is happening. So, my guess is yes, it must be related.”

Later that day, Jasper stood on the terrace while having a smoke. The courtyard was part of the reason the girls chose this place. In one direction, they could observe the bridge and in the remote distance, the ocean. Either way, there was a magnificent view. She knew what was taking place was much more than mere face changing. This was something that should not be kept between the three; others required to know. Putting out her cigarette, she went into the house. Jake and Isabel sat at the table. “We got a reply from that site,” said Jake. “They said that Texas is overrun by shapeshifters. They’re reptilian-like and are somehow attached to all the murders and missing people. Folks are frightened to death and are clueless. Not too many can grasp the idea of shapeshifters being behind this all.” Glancing up at the girls, he continued, “You know what this means? This is more than a local concern. What’s going on in this city may be happening all over the world.” Jasper gasped, “Oh my God! This is crazy! What do we do?” Isabel got up to grab another coffee. “We don’t have any choice. It’s time to find others who have seen this within our city.” Jake glanced at Isabel and then at Jasper. “I read that book from the website earlier. It was unusual, but he didn’t know much more than we do. He said he believed they all appear to be linked to the government, as he’s never seen one out of a suit.” Taking a deep breath, Jasper pulled out a chair and sat down. “I was afraid of this, and you’re right, Isabel, we need to speak up. We can start at the café. I can talk to Faith tomorrow and see what she has to say about all of this. Who knows? Perhaps this isn’t such a big secret after all. Jake, do me a favour. Find all you can on this. See if you can show proof of these shifters, murders and missing people occurring elsewhere. Oh, and the plane crashes, maybe we can see where they’ve been happening- ing. I set my printer up in my room, you can use it. I’m going to go turn on the news and see if there is anything new. Then I have a few things to get ready for tomorrow to help it go smoothly. I hope we don’t come off crazy telling others what stuff we’ve seen. I’m not staying up late tonight. Tomorrow will be a long day.” They all agreed and started preparing for the next day.




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