Time For Change?

Time for change Good morning everyone Do you struggle to find true happiness in your life? Well, I have a secret I learned on how to make life happy and do it being true to yourself. It’s not hard; it just means being true to yourself. Can you name 10 little things that make youContinue reading “Time For Change?”

Dictating My Words

Good morning everyone! I spent the whole day writing, but I haven’t forgotten you. I was trying out dictation, I tell you it is a challenge to use transcription. I laughed so hard when I read what it wrote. I said, “She needs to go to the city,” it wrote. “drop her off on theContinue reading “Dictating My Words”

Goals of 2020

Goals of 2020 Good morning everyone I was sitting back thinking last night, I haven’t sat down and made my 2020 todo list, have you? So this is what I am doing today ( with a few distractions along the way~ Moon keeps turning out the lights on me) Get both of my  newest cats fixedContinue reading “Goals of 2020”

Year Of The Rat

Happy Chinese New Year everyone Yes, it’s that time of year again, this year’s unique animal is the rat. What does that mean? It means new changes are coming your way this year for love and finances. Does it actually, what are your thoughts? The year of the rat only comes 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960,Continue reading “Year Of The Rat”

Positive affirmations

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all having a beautiful day. Positive affirmations Life is hard enough without having to look down at ourselves, everyday struggles bring us down. Beating us to the ground, and sometimes we forget our own worthy throughout it all. Daily reminders are essential, it’s healthy to tell yourself positiveContinue reading “Positive affirmations”

Have a fantastic Friday

Good morning everyone It’s snowing today..it hasn’t snowed here for years. (My luck it is) We just spoke about this 2 days ago, what a coincidence. This is how it went: Me: watch it snowThem: it hasn’t snowed in years here2 days later…it snows I am getting dirty looks now….hahaha

Secrets Beyond The Moon

Book update Secrets Beyond the Moon… coming soon Jasper is the girl next door or is she? She resides in the community of Richmond with her best friends, where mysterious murders keep occurring, and folks keep vanishing without a trace. Accidents keep happening throughout the city. The people are left without any answers, even theContinue reading “Secrets Beyond The Moon”

Hiding Under The Blankets

Good morning everyone I hope you are all having a good day. I am going to keep this short today as I am very ill. I have health issues, and one of them is I get a bleeding stomach from certain pills. Well, it turns out I can’t take allergies pills they ake my stomach bleed.Continue reading “Hiding Under The Blankets”

Greece Day 5

Hey everyone! I told you today I would tell you about the hotel, there were a lot of ups and downs about the place, but I want to be truthful with you. If you are looking to go to Greece and are looking for a hotel, then make sure you read this. I made reservations at the Astor Hotel, online itContinue reading “Greece Day 5”

Greece Day 4

Good morning everyone, day four is all about the food. Next door to the hotel we chose ( I will do the hotel itself tomorrow) there’s a restaurant, I would tell you the name, but it is in Greece (LOL) I can’t write in Greece, but I took a picture of the sign. ( i believe itContinue reading “Greece Day 4”