Do you think you know me? Yes, you might But you are wrong Because I hide I am among the dark My light is hidden well It makes me feel safer As I walk this realm of hell I see your dark eyes look my way And no, I am not naive I know whoContinue reading “DO YOU KNOW ME?”

Sailing The High Seas

An excerpt   The sea was rough, but there was nowhere else in the world he would rather be. He was raised by a father who lived by the rule of thumb never lay foot on land for those who are true to the sea will be rewarded by vast amounts of treasure. Henry nowContinue reading “Sailing The High Seas”

Happy Valentines Day

Due to an internet glitch, my post sometimes doesn’t get seen. I wanted to take a moment and wish you a happy Valentine’s day.   Happy Valentines day *⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅*❀⑅* It’s valentines day The day of love A time of year Where heart glow Like a lights ray Celebrating togetherness Watching passion flow Here we areContinue reading “Happy Valentines Day”

More Of Strangers From the Sky

Just for you! Chapter 2 I put out chapter one and hopefully, you enjoyed it. This is the introductory book to the series. It isn’t as fast-paced as the rest bt it explains all the who what when where and whys. I write with multiple genres, so it’s hard to define this book to justContinue reading “More Of Strangers From the Sky”

An Echo Of My Breath

An echo of my breath The sun is shining hard, yet I can’t see the light. Some days it feels as if I’m trapped beneath the dark lair of dirt. The surface above is thick, and my echo has disappeared over time. I often wonder if Life has moved on without me or if IContinue reading “An Echo Of My Breath”

I am but a broken rose

Here I am a broken rose with nothing but these thorns Never in my life have I ever wanted more. I have the sun and the moon But without you neither exist My heart is in danger and my soul is at risk. What could have been What should have been Echo in my heartContinue reading “I am but a broken rose”

An Excerpt From One Of My Upcoming Books

Good morning In some dark way, she loved him. He was sullen and temperamental, but when the lights went out, he was there. She hated it when he drank. Something in him changed, or perhaps the real him came out.  Her mother claimed it was her and that she carried a tortured soul. But sheContinue reading “An Excerpt From One Of My Upcoming Books”

Strangers From the Sky

So Exciting!  Secrets Beyond the Moon will be available for your pleasure. A Scifi fantasy mystery suspense Secrets Beyond the Moon ~ Strangers from the sky Jasper is from the city of Richmond, where she and her friends have discovered proof of a conspiracy. Mysterious accidents and murders keep occurring, and people keep vanishing withoutContinue reading “Strangers From the Sky”

Positive or Negative Luck

Black cloud Do you ever wonder what it’s like to walk in someone else shoes? Do you carry a black cloud? I always wondered what it was like to be someone else, not that I want to be, but the curiosity was there, I love who I am, but I don’t love my luck. SomeContinue reading “Positive or Negative Luck”